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Our approach

Whether your priorities are customer acquisition, revenue, reducing costs, or profit; we’re not satisfied until we can tell you exactly how much value we’ve generated for you.

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Hire us to advise, analyse, and automate.

The ways we work:

Scoping & Consulting

On-site analysis of the organisation’s current data leverage methods, and producing recommendations on likely high-impact projects.
Timeline: Single sprint

Proof of Value

Combining initial proof-of-concept machine learning modelling, with evidence based and data led investigation, we establish the expected value & ROI of the complete end system.
Timeline: Multiple sprints over 1-2 months

Automated Data-driven Systems

Full hands-on development, in collaboration with internal employees, we build, deliver, and handover, complete end-to-end systems, that through machine learning and automated-decision-making deliver measurable and long lasting value.
Timeline: Iterative sprints over 2+ months