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Daniel Burkhardt Cerigo

Founding Data Scientist

Physics & Philosophy, Oxford. Consulted for UK Gov Office of Rail & Road. Chairperson for nonprofit orgs. Academically published. Kaggle ML-competition ranked. Built reinforcement-learning pricing optimisation algo operating on millions (£) of revenue.

Benjamin Cerigo

Founding Technical Architect & Engineer

Past head of tech at a fin-tech startup. Delivered full-stack projects end-to-end solo. Led teams of developers. Music composition at Falmouth, with awards. Created experimental music installations incorporating robotics.

Ali Teeney

Data Scientist

Mathematics, Oxford, awarded scholarship. Kaggle ML-competition ranked. Developed multiple data value projects from 0 to finish line. Built Markov-chain forecast model for customer-contact to determine optimal staff schedules.

Alex Hawkins-Hooker

Applied Machine Learning Researcher

Physics & Philosophy, Oxford. MSc in AI, Edinburgh. Applies deep learning to biological sequences (DNA and proteins) at research institutions in the UK and Europe.

Andrew Sutjahjo

Data Scientist

Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Amsterdam. Founder of data science volunteering foundation. Consulted for NL National Police. Built search & recommendation systems for marketplaces, media, govt. Realized 20% uplift for marketplace with millions (€) in revenue through optimisation.

Will Underwood

Data Engineer

Financial Engineering, Manchester. Consulted for several Investment Banks and Financial Service institutions, building data warehouse solutions to support product and strategy development.